At the Collaborative Leadership Institute, we have learned that, in the vast majority of “non-emergency  circumstances,” collaborative leadership produces far better and more consistent results.

    For some people, collaborative leadership is just very “natural.”

    For others, collaborative leadership is a sought  standard of excellence requiring refinement and training.   

We’ve developed a  very simple test to determine if you are a “natural” collaborative leader.

  • Start by counting the times you answer “Yes” (either “definitely” or “mostly”)
    • Question




      • 1. Do I like to inspire people?




      • 2. Do I get a sense of achievement when people solve a problem
        or produce a quality result together?




      • 3. Do I have an idea that is too big to do alone and want others
        to engage?




      • 4.  Do I see greater possibilities or a broader vision or seek
        new/better ways of doing things than what we are doing now?




      • 5.  Do I get a real charge when I see a team break barriers together?




      • 6.  Do I avoid the blame-game when things go wrong,
        instead looking to learn from mistakes?




      • 7.  Do I generally believe that people can solve problems
        better together than alone?




      • 8.  Do I regularly share resources (tools, money, time, ideas, etc.)
        with others?




      • 9.  Do I normally listen and ask questions before telling others
        what to do?




      • 10.  Do I believe that, most of the time, involving others
        in decisions is wise to do?




      • 11.  Do I believe it is better to be trusted than either
        to be loved or feared?




      • 12.  Do I believe it is very important to care about the people
        on my team?




      • 13.  Do I regularly seek wise counsel from those more experienced
        and insightful than me?




      • 14.  Do I willingly apologize if I have done something wrong?




      • 15.  Do I make special effort to be true to my word?




                                                                                                                                                   Sum         _____           _____         _____

Now count the number of:

  • Yes:
    If you answered “Yes” to 8 or more of the questions, you are a good candidate for one of our programs.
  • Maybe:
    If you answered “maybe” or weren’t sure for 5 or more of the questions, you are “on the edge”
    and would be wise to learn, practice, and hone both your thinking and skill sets.
  • No:
    If you answered “No” for 4 or more of the questions, unless you are seeking a personal transformation,
    collaborative leadership will be difficult (but not impossible if you are motivated and see the value).


What Makes a Great Leader?

In today’s world, there is a lot of confusion and muddled thinking about what makes a good leader.

Some people point to authoritarians like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan as examples of great leaders; while others exemplify Wall Street “deal makers” for their leadership qualities. 

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