We are an international organization and maintain strong relationships across the world.
During our start-up phase we are developing closest linkages with organizations in the U.S., Canada, UK, and into Europe.
This is an interim focus until 2020.

UBC LogoThe Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver serves as the hosting organization for the world’s longest continuously running  Alliance Best Practice Executive Development Program. This highly acclaimed Executive Capability program  for Private Sector Executives has been attended by over 25,000 leaders since its inception in 1989, and have gone through considerable evolution. If you want a university credit, please see  Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances and enjoy 2 days in downtown Vancouver.

Winslow LogoThe Winslow Group is one of our Canadian Affiliates, which combines the use of best practice architecture in Collaborative Innovation and Lean Methods to help its clients focus on supplying their customers, on time, at the right cost, with the right quality, the first time and every time. We work with our clients to assist them in building a corporate culture of continuous improvement where everyone in the organization is focused on the elimination of waste everywhere along the value chain while adding value for their customers. Our value proposition is to build capability within an organization so that it is self-sustaining in its lean journey.

ASAP1Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals: For anyone who wants to know how to form and manage alliances, this organization is the world leader. This site has a large collection of best practices for strategic alliances, and enables certification of alliance professionals. The world’s best alliance companies are members, thus it provides an exceptional network of alliance-oriented people with world-class standards. Robert Porter Lynch was the founding chairman and continues to assist and guide in his emeritus role.

TransAlignmentThe TransAlignment Leadership & Facilitation Institute is our Canadian partner. It was founded by two prominent mediators, Paula Drouin and Sharon Wilson, with Robert Porter Lynch. The Institute  builds long-term collaborative relationships across boundaries. It has adapted the Four-Alignments framework as a means of moving far past standard win-win negotiations as a means of Alternative Dispute Resolution. TransAlignment is a highly effective framework for enabling organizations to work together, for building collaborative leadership, sustainability, and transformation.

Alliance Best PracticeAlliance Best Practice (ABP) is one of our European based affiliates specialising in Strategic Alliance relationships. ABP associates are a group of international independent experts who each specialise in some aspect of strategic alliance formation, management or optimisation. ABP’s  goal is to increase the knowledge and subsequent adoption of proven best practice principles to help our clients optimise their alliance relationships. The sole focus is to help clients generate more value from their strategic alliance relationships through the discovery, dissemination and delivery of best practice.


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ICLI LOGEBuilding Trusted Leaders1The International Collaborative Leadership Institute is our parent organization that focuses on building trusted leaders, both young leaders (at the high school & early college level), and existing leaders (emerging managers and  senior executives). The emphasis is on  on building collaborative capabilities in organizations. The breakthrough frameworks and practices needed for those not on the ISO 44001 journey are available at the Institute.

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