Trusted to Lead SeriesTrusted to Lead Series

  1. Collaborative Excellence -- Leader’s Guide to Creating 25% Competitive Advantage
  2. Collaborative Business Relationship Management -- Practitioner’s Workbook for ISO 44001
  3. Collaborative Capitalism -- the Next Generation of Business
  4. Collaborative Entrepreneurship -- How to Build, Organize and Succeed  -- coauthored with Christine Adamow
  5. Collaborative Construction - the Aligned Construction Enterprise with Annick De Swaef

    The Journey to Create the
     10 Book Series

    After writing 4 books between 1987-1995, there were still many unanswered questions to understand the “architecture of collaboration.”  (learn  more about the journey )

    There are now enough answers to some of the most compelling issues of our times to put those insights into writing. 

  6. Collaborative Construction -- Best Practices & ISO 44001 Workbook with Annick De Swaef
  7. Collaborative Value Maximization & Economics of Trust -- CFOs to Double Profits & Build Competitive Advantage
  8. TransAlignment -- a Major Breakthrough in Negotiations
  9. Building a Team You Can Trust -- Manager’s Insights for High Performance
  10. Collaborative Innovation -- Harnessing Dynamic Differential Energy
  11. Organization Transformation & Turnarounds -- Turning the Tide when the Future is bleak
  12. Architectures of Trust & Synergy -- Inner Secrets never before revealed
  13. History’s Hidden Lessons -- What Should Have Been Taught  -- Insights into Minds of Great Leaders

Generating Synergy for Young Leaders Series
(Drafts of these books are complete -- for future publication)

  • Champion Your Life – Rising to Adversity and Purpose
  • Dynamic Differential Energy – the Nature of Co-Creation
  • Building a World You Can Trust
  • History’s Hidden Lessons – What You Didn’t Learn in School
  • Destiny’s Dream – Finding Your Mission in Life


    These books contain the core architectures that make the Leadership Institute unique, and can be used as the basis of either a program or to augment programs delivered. Each of these books will become licensed property of the Institute on a shared royalty basis. Our publications program will also provide an avenue for publishing the books of other authors that have produced excellent thought leadership in collaboration.

Derivative Books
- CoAuthored with Future Subject Matter Experts

      • Trusted to Sell
      • Trusted to Love
      • Trusted to Coach
      • Trusted to Govern
      • Trusted to Parent


Background on Robert Porter Lynch

 Facilitator’s Guides

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